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Restaurant Review: California Fish Grill (Brea, CA)

30 Aug

Met up with our friends Peter, Lana and Baby T for a Sunday dinner. They recommended California Fish Grill. Craved fish all week and the prices fit our budget. (For dessert, belated birthday gourmet cupcakes for Lana from My Delight Cupcakery in Ontario.)

CONS: A bit far from where we live. Ha!

PROS: Order at the cashier and seat yourself. Turn over is high so not much of a wait for a table (unless you’re in the midst of the lunch or dinner rush). Squeezed some lemon into the clam chowder (a bit too salty for my taste).

But my dinner was delicious. Look at my plate! Dined on the swai with garlic butter, coleslaw and brown rice (50 cents extra for brown rice; I love that that’s an option). Only $8.50 for all that! And grilled zucchini side for only $1.75.

Grilled seafood in a fast, casual atmosphere. Healthy and refreshing!

Grilled zucchini, clam chowder and swai with garlic butter and brown rice

Me, Marvyn & Baby T

Peter, Lana & Baby T


Chocolate -- YUM!


Bake Off 2: Sweet Revenge

27 Aug

DO: Last year, my boss came up with this fantastic bake-off event. Great turnout. Who knew that our office of public health experts/staffers housed competitive bakers?

QUESTION: Why this image?

RESPONSE: Gift-wrapping  is a creative outlet for me. That “Oooh, how cute! I want that even though I don’t know what’s inside!” factor appeals and intrigues me. I love seeing people’s faces/reactions when they first open a gift. Attractive packing helps.

Am no culinary wiz, but I sure can wrap.

Just Because

18 Aug

DO: Take a photo of what makes you feel good inside.

QUESTION: Why did this make you smile?

RESPONSE: My husband and I believe that “your home should rise up to meet you.” His very thoughtful bouquet greeted me right when I opened the door.

Fresh Moves

12 Aug

Read an article in this month’s Oprah magazine about Fresh Moves, a community group bringing fresh produce to food deserts in Chicago. A simple solution to a profound problem in America. Very cool.


Yogurtland, Part Deux

11 Aug

Our original outing of 3 turned into 13!

The 2nd promotion of Sanrio collectible spoons started today. Get all 4 character spoons — Hello Kitty, Chococat, My Melody and Kerokerokeroppi — at your nearest Yogurtland. Nannette’s mission to collect all 4 is now complete!

Restaurant Review: Cafe Glace (Los Angeles, CA)

11 Aug

Once a week during lunch, my colleague Nannette and I walk around Westwood. Today I also had the urge to try Cafe Glace, a Persian ice cream/smoothie/sandwich/pizza snack shop. 

The restaurant has a short menu. We decided on the pizza. Only personal-sized pizzas, with or without meat. $5 a pop. We indulged in one of each. The owner/server speaks little English. He’s friendly and brings the food to your table.

This pizza reminds me of Little Caesars — melted cheese on top, creating a shell over what’s underneath. I like it. No tomato sauce so you grab your choice of condiments — mayo, ketchup, Tapatio or olive oil. I could barely taste the difference between the pizzas because the slices of meat are small. Flatbread crust is light and puffy; you can taste the freshness of the onions, tomatoes, and green peppers. In 20 minutes, we ordered and ate. Plenty of time for us to still enjoy a few jaunts around the neighborhood.


Restaurant Review: California Chicken Cafe (Los Angeles, CA)

10 Aug

Where else can you go for lunch in Westwood and get a samosa, 3 veggie sides, rice, naan AND a mango lassi for $8.50?! Tell the owner (C.K.) that “Celeste sent me.” I’m serious.

Took this pic before the samosa came out. Look at all this food!