DO: Bake banana bread.

QUESTION: What is your comfort food?

RESPONSE: My husband and I woke up early Saturday morning to bake cranberry banana nut bread. We made one loaf with chocolate chips (for us and to share with my 10 vanpool buddies) and one without (to bring to Greg’s birthday party). Both loaves were vegan except for the chocolate chips. We brought the one without chocolate chips to the party because we knew some vegan friends would be at the party. We wanted them to taste it.

At the party, Stacy, a person we never met before (a vegetarian) liked the banana bread a lot. When she was leaving, I suggested she take some home. She was thrilled! She said “the bread was like comfort food.”

I love the term “comfort food.” I think of childhood and homecooking. Wow, just the thought of my mom’s carrot bread or Tita Erlie’s pecan tarts makes my mouth water. I can taste them! A warmth in my belly and a huge grin on my face always linger, long after the sweets are gone.

So, what’s your comfort food?


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