Once a week during lunch, my colleague Nannette and I walk around Westwood. Today I also had the urge to try Cafe Glace, a Persian ice cream/smoothie/sandwich/pizza snack shop. 

The restaurant has a short menu. We decided on the pizza. Only personal-sized pizzas, with or without meat. $5 a pop. We indulged in one of each. The owner/server speaks little English. He’s friendly and brings the food to your table.

This pizza reminds me of Little Caesars — melted cheese on top, creating a shell over what’s underneath. I like it. No tomato sauce so you grab your choice of condiments — mayo, ketchup, Tapatio or olive oil. I could barely taste the difference between the pizzas because the slices of meat are small. Flatbread crust is light and puffy; you can taste the freshness of the onions, tomatoes, and green peppers. In 20 minutes, we ordered and ate. Plenty of time for us to still enjoy a few jaunts around the neighborhood.



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