DO:  Got a routine today? Break it! Instead of the tread mill, take a zumba class or go for a hike. Instead of sweats, wear a flattering outfit to the grocery store. Instead of emailing your friend, call her. 

QUESTION: Do you immediately notice new thoughts/ideas, a difference in the way you walk, a change in your attitude?

RESPONSE: On the weekends, my husband sometimes makes me breakfast. We’d enjoy this meal on the dining room table. This morning, he served it in bed. We’ve been together 2 and 1/2 years. First time we’ve done this. Boy, this was fun — and it shows!

People don’t want their picture taken first thing in the morning. I’m no exception. But for this moment, remembering that my husband did this and my delight overshadowed my insecurity.  

Unlike most folks, I like having my picture taken. No, not because of vanity. Really! My reasons are: 

1) Self-images are my mirror. The expression on my face or the angle of my posture reflect to me my thoughts or feelings in the moment. 

2)  Commemoration: To remember I was there. And when we have kids, I want them to see how I lived.

Marvyn: Breakfast in Bed
Marvyn munching on eggs and buttered banana pecan toast

Celeste: Breakfast in Bed
Bespectacled me in the morning (Glamorous, hunh?!)
Breakfast in Bed
Toast, grapes, heirloom tomatoes, taco soup, Tapatio packet, OJ, brown rice & eggs

One thought on “Breakfast in Bed

  1. this is not the 1st i made breakfast for my wife, Cellie. but it is th 1st time i could serve to her, breakfast in bed. if she hears me making breakfast, she usually joins & helps make somethg else… & then we munch at the dinner table. so i tried to get her to go _back_ to bed, by asking her to get the iPad. ..i was still late in plating the food on the tray. so she joined me in th kitchen again & help toast some pecan toast. didn’t complete th mission, so i just walked th breakfast tray into the bedrm, & we chomped it down anyway. i explained my intentions & she laughed. still enjoyable.

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