My husband and I celebrated our one-year wedding anniversary Sept. 19 over a 3-day weekend getaway. (Must do those more often.) My jots below:

3 days honoring our first year as husband and wife.

Saturday Morning to Evening. First stop: Legoland! Mini tributes to Las Vegas, San Fransisco, New York, New Orleans and Hollywood. Giant sculptures of giraffes and Einstein. Star Wars movie scenes, Darth Vadar, Chewy & R2D2. Granny’s Apple Fries with whip cream and a Rice Krispy Treat. 6 hours later, we head out to Inn at Calafia Beach in San Clemente. Afternoon naps and Trader Joe’s salad and asparagas & mushroom pasta for dinner.

Sunday morning. Beach cruisers to Del Mar Ave. San Clemente Farmers Market and delicious Old Town Bakery bread and cookies, fresh tamales, purple basil and white apricots. Fromage Fantastico in olive oil. Bottles of Traditional 18-yr aged balsamic & vinegar and EVOO at Oliver’s. Silver heart pendant and drop earrings at Paradise Jeweler II. The Fromage Fantastico vendor recommended eating at the restaurant on the pier. Only a 10-minute walk from Del Mar Ave. Eggplant parm sandwich and “I-can’t-wait-to-come-back!” clam chowder at Fisherman’s Restaurant.

Sunday afternoon. Permission to sleep the afternoon away again and do nothing that night but laze around, read magazines, play computer games and enjoy dipping ciabatta in the Fromage Fantastico. (Can you tell I like saying “Fromage Fantastico”?)

Monday. Last-minute breakfast at La Galette Creperie. Crimini mushroom crepe with bechamel sauce. Dolphin sighting before heading back home. Pitstop in Alhambra for inexpensive back and foot massages. Pho Saigon for dinner.

Anniversaries are fun.


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