Jill Bolte Taylor
Jill Bolte Taylor


“I learned there are 2 kinds of people on the planet: People who bring you energy or people who take energy away.”

“I believe that the more time we spend choosing the deep inner-peace circuitry of our right brain, the more peace we project into the world, and the more peaceful our planet will be. And I thought that was an idea worth spreading.”

— Jill Bolte Taylor

I first discovered Dr. Taylor on TED earlier this year. On Dec. 10, 1996, this renowned neuroanatomist suffered a golf-sized hemorrage in her left-brain. She lost all her left-brain abilities — memories, speech, analyis, logic. Took her 8 years to fully recover.

She was on Oprah’s “Super Soul Sunday” yesterday. This compelled me to watch her Ted speak again.  Her Ted speak was about her experience and insight. It still moves me to tears! She affirms my belief in people’s energies and reminding me what’s important in life.


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