I like this blog a lot. Following his journey has been inspirational!

Warren Stokes Art

Maze-ing Maze 225

Maze 225: I chose this quote because of my beliefs about talents.  By no means am I downing my abilities to draw mazes but many times since starting the project I’ve been told that I’m lucky to have such talents.  I always thank people for the comment but can’t help but disagree.  Although I could draw at a pretty good level before the project the last 200+ days straight is whats made me appear to be so gifted.

The comment would make sense to me if I had never drawn before and suddenly started producing my art at this rate.  But the doodling I started about 11 years ago til now was nothing but practice!  I have practiced and practiced and practiced. I’ve studied and researched different techniques and even taken “lessons” from other artists.

And so in my case I believe that anyone who practiced drawing on…

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