Repost: Real Simple review – Turntable Kitchen

Turntable Kitchen (Curated food and music pairings — I dig this concept!)

From “Real Simple” article:

“Wine isn’t the only thing that takes some effort to pair with your meal. What about the perfect mood music? The website Turntable Kitchen has been providing meal and music pairings for a while, but now they are offering a subscription service.

For those that subscribe, each month you’ll receive a box with the following things:

  •  A limited edition 7-inch vinyl album with at least two songs
  • A downloadable playlist with additional music
  • A collection of themed, seasonal recipes to go along with the playlist
  • A few hard-to-find, dry ingredients that go along with the recipes
  • Notes on why the music and meal were paired together
  • A few surprises, too!

Check out Turntable Kitchen and sign up for their Pairings Box here.


Restaurant Review: Stacked (Cerritos, CA)

My company humored me with a pitstop at Stacked. (We just ate elsewhere but since we’re never in this side of town, why not?)

Amused by the ginormous, purple-orange-yellow facade (think Bauhaus-inspired stained glass) and tall tables and high chairs so my feet dangled.

Fiddling with the iPad when you order? Fascinating. Nothing like this in the IE! We ordered fries and homemade crisscut potato chips with chipotle mayo, garlic aioli, and curry ketchup. It’s all about the sauces, folks.

The founders of BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse are onto something here…

Bananas, chocolate and nutella? Be still my heart!

Lea & Jay

A Nutella, Double Chocolate & Banana Tart for the Annual World Nutella Day. Be still my heart! Has there ever been a happier, more delicious convergence of ingredients? I think not, though perhaps adding a little peanut butter into the mix would have made it even more enticing… if that is possible. That’s right, today February 5th is World Nutella Day. This celebration of all things Nutella was started in 2007 by Sara at Ms. Adventures in Italy and Michelle at Bleeding Espresso as a day to celebrate, get creative with and most importantly, to EAT Nutella.

I absolutely love Nutella. Just spreading it on toast is a joy, not to mention just eating it straight out of the jar. Yup, I might do that from time to time. I participated in World Nutella Day last year with my Nutella & Banana filled Peanut Butter Ebelskivers. ( See..I got…

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Our 1st year

My husband and I celebrated our one-year wedding anniversary Sept. 19 over a 3-day weekend getaway. (Must do those more often.) My jots below:

3 days honoring our first year as husband and wife.

Saturday Morning to Evening. First stop: Legoland! Mini tributes to Las Vegas, San Fransisco, New York, New Orleans and Hollywood. Giant sculptures of giraffes and Einstein. Star Wars movie scenes, Darth Vadar, Chewy & R2D2. Granny’s Apple Fries with whip cream and a Rice Krispy Treat. 6 hours later, we head out to Inn at Calafia Beach in San Clemente. Afternoon naps and Trader Joe’s salad and asparagas & mushroom pasta for dinner.

Sunday morning. Beach cruisers to Del Mar Ave. San Clemente Farmers Market and delicious Old Town Bakery bread and cookies, fresh tamales, purple basil and white apricots. Fromage Fantastico in olive oil. Bottles of Traditional 18-yr aged balsamic & vinegar and EVOO at Oliver’s. Silver heart pendant and drop earrings at Paradise Jeweler II. The Fromage Fantastico vendor recommended eating at the restaurant on the pier. Only a 10-minute walk from Del Mar Ave. Eggplant parm sandwich and “I-can’t-wait-to-come-back!” clam chowder at Fisherman’s Restaurant.

Sunday afternoon. Permission to sleep the afternoon away again and do nothing that night but laze around, read magazines, play computer games and enjoy dipping ciabatta in the Fromage Fantastico. (Can you tell I like saying “Fromage Fantastico”?)

Monday. Last-minute breakfast at La Galette Creperie. Crimini mushroom crepe with bechamel sauce. Dolphin sighting before heading back home. Pitstop in Alhambra for inexpensive back and foot massages. Pho Saigon for dinner.

Anniversaries are fun.

Breakfast in Bed

DO:  Got a routine today? Break it! Instead of the tread mill, take a zumba class or go for a hike. Instead of sweats, wear a flattering outfit to the grocery store. Instead of emailing your friend, call her. 

QUESTION: Do you immediately notice new thoughts/ideas, a difference in the way you walk, a change in your attitude?

RESPONSE: On the weekends, my husband sometimes makes me breakfast. We’d enjoy this meal on the dining room table. This morning, he served it in bed. We’ve been together 2 and 1/2 years. First time we’ve done this. Boy, this was fun — and it shows!

People don’t want their picture taken first thing in the morning. I’m no exception. But for this moment, remembering that my husband did this and my delight overshadowed my insecurity.  

Unlike most folks, I like having my picture taken. No, not because of vanity. Really! My reasons are: 

1) Self-images are my mirror. The expression on my face or the angle of my posture reflect to me my thoughts or feelings in the moment. 

2)  Commemoration: To remember I was there. And when we have kids, I want them to see how I lived.

Marvyn: Breakfast in Bed
Marvyn munching on eggs and buttered banana pecan toast

Celeste: Breakfast in Bed
Bespectacled me in the morning (Glamorous, hunh?!)
Breakfast in Bed
Toast, grapes, heirloom tomatoes, taco soup, Tapatio packet, OJ, brown rice & eggs

Restaurant Review: California Fish Grill (Brea, CA)

Met up with our friends Peter, Lana and Baby T for a Sunday dinner. They recommended California Fish Grill. Craved fish all week and the prices fit our budget. (For dessert, belated birthday gourmet cupcakes for Lana from My Delight Cupcakery in Ontario.)

CONS: A bit far from where we live. Ha!

PROS: Order at the cashier and seat yourself. Turn over is high so not much of a wait for a table (unless you’re in the midst of the lunch or dinner rush). Squeezed some lemon into the clam chowder (a bit too salty for my taste).

But my dinner was delicious. Look at my plate! Dined on the swai with garlic butter, coleslaw and brown rice (50 cents extra for brown rice; I love that that’s an option). Only $8.50 for all that! And grilled zucchini side for only $1.75.

Grilled seafood in a fast, casual atmosphere. Healthy and refreshing!

Grilled zucchini, clam chowder and swai with garlic butter and brown rice
Me, Marvyn & Baby T
Peter, Lana & Baby T
Chocolate -- YUM!