Repost: Real Simple review – Turntable Kitchen

Turntable Kitchen (Curated food and music pairings — I dig this concept!)

From “Real Simple” article:

“Wine isn’t the only thing that takes some effort to pair with your meal. What about the perfect mood music? The website Turntable Kitchen has been providing meal and music pairings for a while, but now they are offering a subscription service.

For those that subscribe, each month you’ll receive a box with the following things:

  •  A limited edition 7-inch vinyl album with at least two songs
  • A downloadable playlist with additional music
  • A collection of themed, seasonal recipes to go along with the playlist
  • A few hard-to-find, dry ingredients that go along with the recipes
  • Notes on why the music and meal were paired together
  • A few surprises, too!

Check out Turntable Kitchen and sign up for their Pairings Box here.


Rest in Peace, Steve

On Apple’s homepage:

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs passed away yesterday, Oct. 5, at age 56. After being diagnosed with a rare form of pancreatic cancer, he lived for 7 more years to create the iPod Nano, iPhone & iPad and so much more. Leader. Visionary. Renegade. Inspiration. Legend.

Some tributes I found online, including Los Angeles Times, CNN, ZDNet, and Time’s Techland. The latter  has links featuring words from his family and other notables and memorable Apple commercials.

Writer David Magee says “Steve Jobs made a big dent in the world. Steve Jobs was the greatest tech CEO ever” in this International Business Times editorial.

Before he edits his video on his MacBook Pro, musician David Choi shares his thoughts of how Jobs affected his life as an artist and leveled the playing field for all artists.

And I had to post Jobs’ June 2005 commencement speech at Stanford University, “How to Live Before You Die.”